Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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What is gulag? Call of Duty Warzone is creating buzz on social media

What is gulag – well this is one question that is definitely trending on social media. People are having fun creating memes on social media about this Call of Duty : Warzone’s one of the most distinctive feature – the gulag.

So what is the gulag meme all about?

In the free-to-play game’s battle royale mode players get a chance to come back when their character is killed in combat.

Rather than being booted from the game, they are sent to the gulag (a Russian prison) where they fight another fallen player in one-to-one combat. The winner of this duel gets back into the game, while the loser gets booted from the game.

Given that this is an inside joke, only understood by players of Call of Duty, often the partners of players are the ones left scratching their heads asking “what is the gulag?”

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