Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Priyanka Chopra Jonas Joined Meghan Markle As Special Guest At Girl Up Leadership Summit

Actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas and her friend, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle were part of the Girl Up Leadership Summit on Tuesday. While Markle was the keynote speaker, Priyanka joined as special guest.

The Baywatch actor talked about how ‘opportunity is not fairly distributed’. “The women who came before us fought for our right to vote and to work – today we don’t even think about it! Now it’s our turn to do the same for future girls,” she said. “You don’t need millions of followers on social media to make a difference. All you need is heart, drive, and commitment. No act is too small. No age is too young,” she added.

Priyanka talked about importance of resilience and leadership in the face of adversity.

The actor and former Miss World, who is also a Unicef goodwill ambassador, spoke about the challenges faced by poor and refugees during the Covid-19 pandemic. “To recognize that even social distancing is a privilege –because people living in extreme poverty and refugees sheltering in makeshift tents, don’t have the luxury of staying six feet apart,” she said.

Meghan Markle’s speech at the Girl Up Leadership Summit was all about encouraging young women to be unapologetic in their beliefs and values.

“Those in the halls and corridors of places of power — from lawmakers, to world leaders, to executives — all of those people, they depend on you more than you’ll ever depend on them,” she told viewers. “They know that all of you, at a younger age than any modern comparison, are setting the tone for an equitable humanity — not figuratively, literally. This is a humanity that desperately needs you — to push it, to push us, forcefully, in a more inclusive, more just, and empathetic direction.”

Both Meghan and Priyanka had logged in from their respective Los Angeles homes.

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