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What’s So Great About Hetalia Season 7?

Hetalia Season 7: World Stars is the seventh season of the anime series based on the hit Japanese manga Hetalia. Hetalia was first serialized in Japan from 1998 to 2021. Hetalia has been ranked among the top ten manga in Japan and other parts of Asia. The manga series has sold more than five hundred million copies. Hetalia features a wide variety of comic book characters, with the latest one being the Axis Powers arc.

Hetalia features many famous Japanese manga artists such as Tomoko Ninomiya, Tetsuo Enomoto, Yuusuke Tozawa, and Yuichiro Nagashii. Hetalia’s writer is Tomoko Ninomiya, a freelance illustrator. Hetalia started as a light novel before it was turned into a full-length manga. Hetalia now enjoys a cult following in the English-speaking world.

Story of Hetalia

Hetalia revolves around four female teens who live in a town called Axis. One day, they find out that their town is haunted by the existence of Vampires. Vampires are beings that are half in human and half in animal form. These creatures attack the humans they attack, and only the strongest and skinniest people are able to defeat them.

Hetalia started as a normal high school girl’s love story called Hetalia: The Story of the Treasure Hunter. In this series, the girl, Hetalia, finds herself wrapped in mystery. She has a crush on Rokuro Okumura, who happens to be her classmate. But things take a strange turn for Hetalia when she finds herself transported to another world one night. There, she faces other teens whom she had never met before, and she begins to learn about the reason why she became a member of the Axis forces.

Hetalia was not only known for its great story line and exciting artwork. This series was also known for some of the best drawing and animation style. The show had excellent character designs, a great background, and above all, excellent animation. It has been cited that the first episode of Hetalia was among the most visually stunning cartoons of all time. The second season did not have as many visual treats, but it was still a smash hit.

Popularity of Hetalia

One of the things that made Hetalia so popular is the fact that there was a lot of fan involvement. The fans really went crazy over the things that happened in each episode. One of the most notable instances was during the season seven premiere, when the lead singer of a popular Japanese pop band sang a song about wanting to meet the Vampires. In the background of the shot, Hetalia could be seen dancing with excitement while holding a guitar. This delighted the fans who were watching the scene with joy. Other examples of this are when one of the female Vampires gave Hetalia a lollipop, and when Hetalia was given a cigarette by one of the male Vampires.

Fans were so excited that they started collecting all the Hetalia items that they could from the different TV series. People were even collecting the same figures as their favorite Hetalia characters. People started building their own Hetalia collections based on the TV shows, movies, and comics. This became a new trend in the Hetalia collectibles industry. Later, this became a lucrative business for those who wanted to get into the industry.

Hetalia’s past, present, and future have been continuously being discussed by their fans. There have been several changes to the story lines and characters, but the love and affection between Hetalia and its viewers have remained constant throughout the years. This is one reason why Hetalia has lasted for so long, and will likely be around for a very long time.

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