Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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This Family Thought They Are Adopting A Rare Pet Dog, But It Turned Out To Be Something Different

Things Started Off Normal Enough…

The family continued to fall in love with Little Black throughout the rest of the vacation, on the trip back, and as they returned to their home. When they got home, the family had some choices to make about how to raise their adopted puppy. The climate in Kunming City allowed for some pets to live outside, so some families kept their dogs in backyards.

Regardless, Su Yun and her family decided to keep Little Black indoors, so he could live right next to the rest of the family. As Little Black adjusted to his new life, the entire family was pleased to see that he had a healthy appetite and settled in pretty quickly. As time passed, though, they started to notice some strange things about the newest addition to their family.

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