Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Paul Rudd celebrated his birthday yesterday and people are still guessing his age

Paul Rudd
PC: Gage Skidmore

Chris Evans has commented that his good friend Paul Rudd will never grow old. The actor from The Avengers has dedicated some funny words to him through his Twitter account .

“Happy birthday to another of my favorites, Paul Rudd . Enjoy the twenty-first anniversary of your thirtieth birthday (because that’s the year you stopped aging),” wrote Evans, our beloved Captain America from Marvel .

Comedian Billy Eichner seemed pretty confident with his guess when he wrote: It’s Paul Rudd’s birthday today. He is – I’m not joking – 88.

While Paul is actually turning 51, the internet is having a heyday joking about the actor’s youthful appearance. “I’m 80 years old on the inside,” Rudd once quipped at C2E2 last year. “In here [pointing at his chest], pure darkness — and a little moisturizer.” 

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