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Married At First Sight’s Hayley Vernon struggles to paint her own nails and wax her own eyebrows in self-isolation

Married At First Sight’s Hayley Vernon complained about her self-isolation struggles on Wednesday amid the coronavirus pandemic.  

The 32-year-old bodybuilder shared her first-world woes on Instagram stories, revealing to fans she was forced to paint her nails, wax her eyebrows and use a self-tanner while at home. 

‘So I’ve got a couple of things to say. Basically, I’m really missing the girls at Feeling Smooth [beauty salon]. It is 1902 up in this house,’ Hayley said, clutching a roll of toilet paper. 

Hayley Vernon  showing her nails

First world problems! Married At First Sight star Hayley Vernon (pictured) shared her isolation struggles, as she’s forced to use canned self-tanner, paint her nails and wax her own eyebrows

She added: ‘I’m painting my own nails. I just realised that if you paint your own nails a dark colour and you’ve got short nails and no SNS, your fingers will resemble fish fingers.

‘I also have a hole in my eyebrow after trying to wax my eyebrows and I’ve had to tan myself out of a can.

‘I can do this. Love that for me,’ Hayley sulked. 

After her disastrous attempt, the controversial bride decided she would only do cosmetic treatments to herself after consulting with her favourite salon. 

‘Why? Because I go to an accountant to do my bookkeeping, I’ve been going to these girls for so many years to get my skin done. 

‘Why the f**k did I think I could do it myself? I can’t. Anyway, lesson learned. Calling you girls tomorrow,’ she said.  

Hayley showed off her expansive leg tattoo in the footage, which she had finished in Bali during a holiday in December.

Hayley has not only added more ink to her body since debuting on the controversial series, but she’s also just finished her post-show celebrity makeover.  

The TV star has transformed her look with veneers, Botox and filler treatments since leaving the show and parting ways with TV ‘husband’ David Cannon.   

Hayley Vernon

Earlier this month, Hayley said that years of clenching her jaw while weight training and wearing a mouthguard at night had made her jaw become ‘more prominent’. 

She said this had made her face ‘quite square’ and made her feel insecure. 

To physically change this, Hayley said it required ‘quite a lot of Botox’ being injected into her masseter muscle, as well as some dermal filler in her cheeks.

Hayley is also fan of lip filler and also received veneers worth up $30,000 for free after filming wrapped. 

Hayley’s cosmetic transformation began in 2018 when she underwent a breast augmentation in Bangkok, Thailand. 

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