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‘To all the mothers’: Boyz II Men pay tribute to their moms as they join Kristin Wiig on SNL season 45 finale

As many shows have halted amid coronavirus loackdown, Saturday Night Live continues to entertain viewers.

This week’s episode saw the cast once again performing from their respective homes, along with host Kristen Wiig and musical guest Boyz II Men.

The iconic R&B group delivered a beautiful musical tribute to moms for Mother’s Day weekend, which included some throwback photos of the cast members with their own mothers.

Michael Che introduced the group: ‘On behalf of SNL, we’d like to send a very happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers who can’t be with their children this year and all of the mothers that we’ve lost. 

‘We love you, we miss you and thank you. So ladies and gentlemen and moms, most importantly: Boyz II Men.’

The group then launched into a beautiful rendition of their 1996 song A Song for Mama, performing remotely from their respective homes.

The black-and-white video was cut with snaps of Aidy Bryant, Bowen Yang, Ego Nwodim and other cast with their mothers. 

The episode started with Kate McKinnon as a high school principal, leading graduation via Zoom. 

She prepared them for what college would be like in quarantine, as Aidy Bryant rooted for her choice, University of Phoenix Online. 

Kate then introduced the guest commencement speaker, although the students’ choices of murder hornets and ‘the guy from 90 Day Fiancé who looks like a hedgehog’ weren’t available.

Instead, she welcomed Alec Baldwin in his beloved portrayal of Donald Trump, greeting them: ‘Congratulations to the class of COVID-19.’ 

Consolation prize: Instead, she welcomed Alec Baldwin in his beloved portrayal of Donald Trump, greeting them: ‘Congratulations to the class of COVID-19’

He talked up all the new jobs for graduates like ‘grocery store bouncer, cam girl, porch pirate, amateur nurse.’ 

Alec started coughing and took a gulp of Clorox during his perfectly Trumpian speech, but most of the students had already logged off. 

He ended the speech on a hopeful note: ‘Taped from my home one last time, it’s Saturday Night.’ 

The announcer then introduced Kristen Wiig, as she woke up surprised to be hosting: ‘What?! Me?!’

The SNL alum then performed a jazzy theme song of her own from home, before paying tribute to her own mom. 

She lied down on fur blanket surrounded by candles for the intimate salute, revealing that her mom is currently participating in a competition over Zoom.

It then showed a photo of her mom, which was just Kristen photoshopped onto a female bodybuilder at ‘Miss Florida Muscle Lady.’

The Bridesmaids star joked: ‘People say we look alike but I don’t see it.’ 

She thanked all moms on a more sincere note, before performing lullaby her mom sang her, which ended up as a high energy show tune.  

In the next sketch, Aidy Bryant, Beck Bennett, Kenan Thompson and Melissa Villaseñor enjoyed a Zoom hang, while waiting for friends Deirdre (Heidi Gardner) and Ripley (special guest Martin Short).

They played a pretentious couple that just got back from Milan, as Aidy asked if they got stuck there.  

‘No, use your brain, we traveled there,’ Heidi responded as Martin chimed in with an Italian accent, ‘For la quarantina.’ 

They talked it up like a lavish vacation, Heidi gushing: ‘There’s nothing like quarantina in spring.’  

She then told a story about a local they saw on the street: ‘So, I ran full speed at him. I mean, I had to hug a local.’ 

Martin added: ‘And i grabbed him very aggressively, and he was very old, horrible cough – I gave him the double kiss to show him my amore.’

They ended up coming back on a supply ship they thought was a cruise, but was a Somali smuggler of medical gear, shipping PPE out of Italy. 

The next skit was introduced as a public service announcement, featuring the cast singing an original song. 

For Mother’s Day, they proposed a new rule: ‘Let kids drink / just like mom and dad / if they got a little buzz on / would it really be that bad?’  

Aidy argued: ‘They used to give kids whiskey / to help them fall asleep / so a teeny tiny White Claw / is just a babysitter on the cheap.’ 

A group of kids then joined in the chorus, as well as Josh Gad in character as Olaf from Frozen.

Pete Davidson begged his mom: ‘Let me drink / I hate that I have to ask / all I want is a drink and a shot / and a little pills and crack.’

Cecily then made the argument for letting dogs drink as Beck said to let guys drink alone in a shed outside, prompting his co-stars to check if he was alright.

In a promo for Masterclass Quarantine Edition, Chloe Fineman served a hilarious impersonation of Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

She led a class on how to journal, revealing she had her own journal for ‘violent female rage’ and one ‘full of my naughty little secrets’ that’s too sticky to open.

Melissa Villaseñor then appeared as John Mulaney to teach a class on suits: ‘This is my Masterclass on how to master class.’

She continued in the comedian’s voice: ‘And now you’re ready to hang out in your house, because we have nowhere to go.’ 

Fineman then portrayed Britney Spears, who ‘teaches something’: ‘I’ve been in quarantine for five years now. And that’s ok because all my favorite stuff is here.’ 

‘Oops I burned my gym down,’ she sang to the tune of her 2000 song, cutting to: ‘My loneliness is literally saving me.’ 

Kenan led the next sketch as a preacher presiding over his congregation for Mother’s Day via Zoom.  

He had to remind everyone to mute themselves, because their ‘amens’ kept cutting him off, but instead they kept responding: ‘Amen!’ 

Ego Nwodim shouted out to her rambunctious children: ‘Sit yo little a**es down and be quiet. We’re in church.’ 

Cecily Strong then yelled at her husband to turn down the volume on Sports Center.

Kenan led the next sketch as a preacher presiding over his congregation for Mother’s Day via Zoom.  

He had to remind everyone to mute themselves, because their ‘amens’ kept cutting him off, but instead they kept responding: ‘Amen!’ 

Ego Nwodim shouted out to her rambunctious children: ‘Sit yo little a**es down and be quiet. We’re in church.’ 

They proceeded to list off his filmography, making sure to give a shoutout to his restaurant Danny’s Tacos.

The Machete star then made a cameo in the video, adding: ‘And also, I got my own donut shop.’

Kristen Wiig led the next skit as a hair influencer hosting her own quarantine talk show Bouncy Waves with PJ Charnt.

She gave quite the bouncy performance, holding the camera at a low angle, so her long wavy hair would brush the camera when she talked. 

She welcomed a fan via video chat played by Aidy Bryant, who styles hair with margarine and doesn’t get why it’s flat. 

Kenan Thompson played a man named Christie with a mullet who needed help finding a look for his job interview to paint the entire exterior of Caesars Palace.

The show featured a couple appearances from PJ’s friend (played by Cecily Strong), whose hair also brushes her camera.

They exchange memes throughout, but one featuring a woman with spaghetti for her offends PJ to the point of ending their friendship.  

She ends the show: ‘If you wanna have hair like my mine, you never will. But I’m sure you have other stuff going on.’  

Kenan Thompson then plays the host of the game show What’s Wrong With This Picture? 

With all mom contestants, he shows them a photo of a mom and her twin sons cooking with eggs.

Ego Nwodim guesses that the mom is too old for bangs, ‘eggs’ is misspelled (it’s not) and the ‘husbands’ are too young. 

He then shows a picture of a woman looking into a mirror, to which Aidy Bryant guesses: ‘The glory hole is too high. Now she knows it’s the neighbor.’ 

The final picture is of a couple toasting drinks on a beach, prompting Melissa Villaseñor to guess: ‘That beach will be gone in five years because of global warming.’  

Aidy Bryant then plays the host of a kids show in the sketch Eleanor’s House, filmed entirely with green screen.

She tells her goldfish she’s sad because she can’t have birthday party in quarantine, but the fish tells her to use her imagination.

Aidy then imagines an anthropomorphic purple dog showing up before the arrival of a walking, talking ice cream, who invites his own friend from out of town Richard (Kyle Mooney).  

Richard enters, portrayed by an animated version of Kyle that resembles a disturbing Sims avatar.

His wife Colleen (Heidi) enters after changing in the car, as he invites a bunch of his ‘Michigan friends.’

Pete Davidson plays a guy named Berger, who flirts with Aidy: ‘What do you think about some same room sex later?’ with Richard and Colleen.  

Chris Redd and Mikey Day enter as cops to break up the party, as Kyle and Heidi protest from the hot tub.

‘Hey I know my rights. I got a note from my doctor saying I can’t drive sober,’ he says as Heidi responds, ‘Seriously, if he doesn’t party, he dies.’

The cops then taze Kyle in the hot tub as the party comes to a wildly dramatic end.

For the next sketch, Mikey Day’s son plays a YouTuber named Brandon who likes to prank his ‘corny a** dad.’

He plays a compilation of his favorite pranks, which starts with putting thumbtacks on his dad’s toilet seat.

He then changes every contact in his dad’s phone to Gigi Hadid, which messes with his work.

‘Dad, why do you hate Gigi Hadid?’ the kid asks, as Mikey responds, ‘Brandon, I don’t hate Gigi Hadid. I wish her the best’ 

He then changes his dad’s Zoom background to a photo of his boss’s teenage daughter in bathing suit, which causes the appropriate amount of workplace drama.  

Kate McKinnon stars in the next sketch as Phineas Gale, a lighthouse keeper giving helpful tips on living in isolation. 

The first tip is to keep a journal, as she reads: ‘April fourth, the seals are flirting with me.’

She then suggests making groceries last: ‘One way to do that is to have them all be beans’

The next tip is to listen to the CDC, as she talks into a shell like a phone: ‘You want me to do what? You want me to run around naked on the shore, flapping me appendage in the breeze for all the seagulls to sea?’

The Ghostbusters star then says to the camera: ‘In case it weren’t clear before, I’ve gone completely mad from the sea.’

The final sketch of the series ends on a hopeful but comedic note, as Cecily Strong goes to bed and dreams of enjoying New York City once again after quarantine. 

Kyle Mooney dreams of being in Times Square with Elmo as Melissa Villaseñor dreams of eating at a restaurant.

Aidy Bryant dreams of being surrounded by dogs in Central Park, while Alex Moffat dreams of talking to rats.

Cecily the dreams of seeing Sonic the Hedgehog the musical on Broadway, and Pete Davidson dreams of sitting with Rudy Giuliani at a baseball game.

Chloe Fineman dreams of passing up Little Italy for Popeyes, as Kenan Thompson dreams of walking the sidewalk next to Dustin Hoffman in the 1982 movie Tootsie.

The sketch ends as Cecily wakes up from a dream of eating a slice of pizza outside, only to find a slice in her bed.

Kristen then ends show back in the comfort of her bed: ‘It’s time for me to continue with my nighttime routine. I gotta take my teeth out and put on my sleep wig.’

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