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Garena Free Fire’s OB22 Patch Notes Released

Garena Free Fire | Source: http://ff.garena.com

Garena Free Fire has released OB22 patch notes two days back, revealing the official new features that will come to the battle royale. Free Fire’s OB22 update will go live on June 3.

Many of the changes are already known by the players who had access to the Advanced Server, but the patch notes unveil the final list of what’s coming to the game next month.

This time, Garena is also introducing changes that players have been asking for. Free Fire will receive added anti-hack systems that will be responsible for catching and banning all cheaters using third-party programs to get an advantage in the game. The Dev team has made their intention clear that they have a zero-tolerance policy against hackers. When players are banned from using unofficial third party programs, Garena will not lift those bans under any circumstances, any time.

Here is the complete Free Fire OB22 patch update.

Clash Squad 

Rank Season 1 – The Beginning

Season Starts 06/04 17:00 GMT+8

Garena is adding in tons of features this season to ensure the best possible experience available. They are tackling the AFKers, limiting the grenade spams, and, most importantly, adding seasonal rank rewards.

Kalahari will be added to the matchmaking pool.

Added a new leaderboard for Kills and Winrate.

Added career performance page for Clash Squad in player’s profile

Players will be banned temporarily from Clash Squad (Ranked) if they leave in the middle of the match too often.

Bot will take control over disconnected / AFK teammates. 

Season Reward: The Golden Eagle will be available for players who reach Gold III.
Season 1 duration: 06/04 17:00~07/29 12:00.

New Clash Squad Store: 


Tier 1M500G18DeagleFAMAS
Tier 2AN94MP5M1887Thompson
Tier 3P90SKSAKM1014
Tier 1Lvl 2 VestLvl 2 HelmetLvl 3 VestArmor Repair
Tier 1Grenade *2Gloo Wall *3Smoke *1Mushroom

Free Fire Gameplay


Available in all Modes
Garena has increased the size and adjusted the color of the hitmarkers in this patch so it is more obvious when your shot connects with the enemy. Try it out by turning it on in the settings menu!

New Hitmarkers available in the settings menu.


Map opening adjustment
They are adding back Purgatory – Classic because many players mentioned that they miss the slow and relaxed game pace of the map. Also Purgatory – Rush Hour is removed.

Info Box

Adjusted information sharing mechanism
It was a pain point for players to have to sync the safe zone’s area given by the info box to their teammates. Garena is going to make this information sync automatically so no additional communication is needed.

Info box will show the safe zone’s location with teammates. 

Advanced Attachment – VSS

Increased Bleeding Damage
The bleeding effect of the VSS will be given a little addition in power to make the weapon more viable in competitive play.

Bleeding Damage: Changed from 7 to 8

Advanced Attachment – Kar98k

Increased duration between shots
The Kar98k with its advanced attachment, Biometric Scope, was a bit too strong when players mastered the quick swap mechanics. They are taking some of the speed away to avoid players rapid-firing with two Kar98k.

Time to unscope after shot: -30%


Removed activation conditions
They are removing the 150HP/EP limit for the inhaler so you can use it anywhere, anytime.

The inhaler can now be used at any EP/HP. 

Weapon and Balance

New Weapon – M82B

Available in the Hot Zone (Classic Mode) & Clash Squad Store
Addressing the users request in this patch, Garena is introducing a new sniper rifle with special Ballistic Tips to reduce the power of gloo walls in the end game. The M82B’s stopping power will not be as strong as the AWM, but it will provide consistent damage to gloo walls and players who hide behind them.

Damage Ratio: 165
Minimum Damage: 120
Magazine Capacity: 8
Effective Range: 40~90m
Movement Speed: 90%
Armor Penetration: 30%
“Ballistic Tips” – Penetrates gloo walls and deals 80% damage to enemies behind it. Also deals 200% damage to vehicles and gloo walls.


Damage, Rate of Fire and Armor Penetration Increase
The SKS was on par with the ARs in most categories but it was highly inconsistent because of its slow rate of fire. They are increasing the rate of fire a bit and adding a body-shot damage multiplier to make sure it performs better against moving targets in distance.

Damage to body: +40%

Rate of Fire: +7%

Armor Penetration: +10%


Damage and Armor Penetration Increase
The SVD was in a bad spot because it was a lot weaker compared to other air-drop weapons. Free Fire is adding a body-shot damage multiplier and increasing the armor penetration of the SVD so its damage output will be a lot more consistent.

Damage to body: +50%

Armor Penetration: +30%


Range and Minimum Damage Decrease
Garena already took action on the M1887 last patch but it was clearly not enough. The M1887 was still outperforming all the other shotguns by a lot so they are going to take some of that power away. Don’t worry, though, Garena is not going to reduce the flat damage ratio so this gun will still be extremely deadly if you hit both of your shots.

EffectiveRange: -15%

Minimum Damage: -2


Base Damage and Minimum Damage Increase
The M14 was struggling in long-range battles because the damage fall off was too much for it to be effective. Garena is increasing the damage ratio and minimum damage of the M14 by a bit to increase its performance in long-range.

Damage Ratio: 50->58
Minimum Damage: 20->30


Adjusted the amount of ammo per stack
Garena realized that players seem to carry too much SR/SG ammo during battles because they cannot split the ammo into different stacks. They are reducing the amount of SR/SG ammo per stack to free up some inventory space.

SR ammos 30->20 per stack

SG ammos 30->20 per stack

Character, Skill, and Pet

Active Skill Exchange  

Available in the character menu
“Even the pets can do it, why not humans?”

Players can now equip other character’s active skills as long as no other active skills are equipped.

Skill Activation Indicators  

Available in all modes
One of the biggest complaints Garena received about character skills is that players do not know when their skills are effective. To address that they are adding this new mechanism into the game so players can know when their skills are activated.

Passive skill icons will now light up upon activation.

New Character – Wolfrahh 

Available in the Free Fire Store
“Can you imagine a video game without streamers?”

Limelight: With every additional observer or kills: Damage taken from headshots decreases by {10/11/12/13/14/15}%, up to {25}%. Damage to enemy’s limbs increases by {15/16/17/18/19/20}%, up to {25}%

New Pet – Falco 

Available in the Free Fire Store
Falco will be joining the Free Fire world. Bring him to battle to ensure your team is the first one to land onto the battle fields.

Skyline Spree: {15/30/45}% increase in gliding speed upon skydive. {25/37/50}% increase in diving speed after the parachute opens. (effect applies to the entire team).

Game Modes

Bomb Squad

Available 06/13 04:00 SGT
Bomb Squad received a lot of positive feedback when Garena first launched it last updated. Players really liked the additional objective that allows them to execute more complex strategies, but they disliked the weapon presets because it limited the weapons available. This patch, Garena is updating the objectives of Bomb Squad so they’re more obvious and it is replacing the weapon presets with a store similar to Clash Squad.

Added the armory system for players to purchase weapons.

Increased the quality of bombsite icons.

Added round summary at the end of each round

The site location of the bomb will be revealed once the bomb has been planted.

Training Grounds

New areas and items added
Vehicles and gloo walls are two of the most requested items from the Training Grounds. Garena is adding both items in this patch after we freed up some space in the practice range.”

Separated the shooting range and the practice zone.

Added vehicles in the training ground.

Added gloo walls into the armory.
Added M82B into the armory.

Other Optimizations

Emote Slots

Increase slots available per player

Emote Slots increased from 6 to 8

Guild System

Available in all modes
The biggest pain point of the guild system was lack of effective management tools. Garena is giving Guild leaders and officers new administrative powers to give them an easier time managing and growing their empire.

Added new sign-in rewards.

Guilds can now add level and rank requirements for applicants.

Guild officers will now have access to all the management functions besides appointing new officers and disbanding the guild.

Other Optimizations

  • Optimized UI for in-game mailbox.
  • Added special facial expressions for Kelly “The Swift”
  • In Close Combat mode, HP regeneration from EP will increase 
  • Optimized Emote Equipping mechanism
  • Added a setting to block party invitations from non-friends.
  • When holding down the fire button during reload, the weapon will fire instantly right after the reload animation.
  • Adjusted newbie rewards. 
  • Optimized Armor display on players’ HUD.
  • Added a “10 draw” option in the incubator.
  • Added a 30 seconds warm up period for all Close Combat modes.